The Nature of Design is Undefined

At this very moment, you can google search for design definitions/strategies and you’ll receive millions of results. That’s a shit load of information defining a particular phenomena. How are we supposed to accept that much information describing a system that is naturally changing? Yes, design allows us to mold and to change the world around [...]

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Design Disruptors

After watching Design Disruptors in San Diego with my creative team, I walked out of the room pondering about our exciting future and the opportunities that exist within the realm of technology and user experience. This film captures the very essence of who we are and our relationship with the devices we use. It demonstrates the layers of opposition designers face when [...]

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Recreating the Saving Private Ryan Trailer

For those of you who know me well, my favorite film is Saving Private Ryan. After watching it many times and studying the techniques used to capture the essence of combat and documentary style recording, I took it upon myself to recreate the movie trailer and edit it in such a way that it would [...]

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Gangs and our Community

Today, I spoke to three Gang Task Force (GTF) police officers. I talked to them about my vision for architecture and its unintended association to poverty, vandalism, and lack of opportunity. As an architect major, I’ve studied and read several books on both the sociology and psychology of those who struggle to recognize themselves as members of a functioning community. I [...]

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