Design Disruptors

Design Disruptors film San Diego

After watching Design Disruptors in San Diego with my creative team, I walked out of the room pondering about our exciting future and the opportunities that exist within the realm of technology and user experience. This film captures the very essence of who we are and our relationship with the devices we use. It demonstrates the layers of opposition designers face when bridging the gap between the digital world and the physical world. This film dives deep into the rapidly changing realm of the web and user experience. It embraces the impactful milestones reached by some of the best designers and thought leaders such as John Maeda, Julie Zhuo, Tobias Van Schneider and many others.

As designers, It is our responsibility to mold the environment that constructs our experience. It is our job to make things vivid, more efficient, and meaningful. Although our progress may seem evolutionary where older features or characteristics are thrown out, one thing is certain — design is here to stay and the better solutions are always found further into the horizon.

As cultures change, trends transform and the expectation from societies evolve, design continues to be the underlying fabric that holds together everything we do. It’s here to accompany us as a framework that will guide us into a realm where things fulfill a greater purpose.

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